What is the Halifax Marine Research Institute?

HMRI aims to increase the scale, quality, internationalization and impact of marine research in our region.

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
John Doe


Ocean expertise abounds on Canada’s east coast. In Nova Scotia alone, ocean-related activity generates $5 billion in revenue and produces 60,000 jobs – 14 per cent of provincial employment. More than 10 per cent of all researchers in Atlantic Canada are focused on oceans. And an increasing number of private sector companies are discovering new economic opportunities in key ocean-related sectors. Halifax Marine Research Institute (HMRI) exists to align these assets to benefit the region and the marine science and marine technology sectors. By brokering partnerships among industry, universities, government and private institutions, HMRI is working to enhance both the competitiveness of ocean industries and our knowledge base.

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about us

Our region hosts several federal research laboratories, multiple universities and a growing private sector focused on oceans. HMRI is building partnerships among these groups to both boost marine research and translate it into real economic opportunity.

The genesis for a collaborative marine research institution was sparked at a Global Ocean Forum in Halifax in March 2009. Following two years of consultation with our founding partners, HMRI was formed, with a formal launch held in June 2011 as part of Dalhousie Oceans Week. HMRI is the core outreach vehicle for the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Ocean Science and Technology.

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Building partnerships

We are expanding our partnerships to private industry, universities, government agencies and non-governmental organizations.

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